Week 12 – Extra Credit

A. The three activities that enjoyed the most were Instagram, Art Museum Visit and Street Photography. I really enjoyed the Instagram activity because it was really cool to see what everyone in class was doing during the day and cool to see just how everyone spends their day. It felt kind of a like a bonding experienced and felt like we got to know that class a little bit more, especially because we’re an online class and don’t really get a chance to meet and get to know each other much (except for the optional meet ups). The Art Museum Visit was my favorite out of all the activities because it gave me a reason to go out and go to the museum. Going to a museum gave me a chance to really appreciate art pieces in person. Street photography was another one of my favorite activities because I feel that you can capture some raw emotion and something that is so natural while are you are taking the picture. I love photography because you can capture special moments and keep them forever.

B. My least favorite activities were plaster casting, graffiti writing and cuisine, couture and coiffure. The reason why I did not like plaster casting much was because it was so much harder than I thought it would be and very time consuming. Graffiti writing I did not like so much because it was difficult (at least to me) if you don’t have experience working with spray paint. I did not like the cuisine, couture and coiffure because I had a difficult time figuring out what to do. I originally wanted to do my hair, but it would cost too much and didn’t want to do it by myself because I didn’t want to mess up. I feel that doing the coiffure was a bit confusing because I wasn’t sure if I had to make own designs out of clothes or if making a cute outfit would suffice? The cuisine part was what I did and it was alright. At first I was a bit confused because I originally thought all I needed to do was take a picture of food in an artsy way, but realized I had to create food art haha. So that activity was kind of confusing and a little bit difficult for me.

C. I think slack was alright. I feel that I like BeachBoard a little bit more just because I’m already familiar with the format. Slack was cool because it was like instant messaging, but it got a little confusing at times because of all the posts and all the scrolling I needed to do. Overall I think slack worked out just fine. I didn’t like slack on my phone because I couldn’t figure out how to post in the different forums. I was able to find the different posts people made by looking in message archives, but couldn’t post anything there. I just don’t like the format of slack on cell phones.

D. I feel that art talk and artist of the week were useful because I was able to learn so much information and I found that doing a weekly activity was fun considering this is an art class! I, however, feel that doing a discussion and blog post on the artist was just too repetitive for me.

Thank you so much for teaching this class! I really did enjoy it and think you’re a wonderful teacher! Have a great rest of the summer and hope you have a great class next semester!


Week 12 – Artist – Mahsa Soroudi

“As beautiful as plants are to look at, you never know what is happening underground when they grow roots”

Mahsa Souroudi is an Iranian born artist who had recently moved to the United States about 3 years ago. She explained that she was born into a moderate Muslim family, meaning they do not practice much, however, they aren’t disconnected from their religion either. She explained how she was born after the Islamic Revolution, but that she has a neutral view about it, whereas some people either a negative or positive view about it. Mahsa explained that she left Iran, not to escape, but mainly to explore and because she would not have had as many opportunities available to her if she stayed.

The two projects that Mahsa had were 7500 Miles and her plant show. Of her two projects, I really enjoyed her plant show because of their meaning and just how beautiful they look! It was so interesting how she can relate her life to plants. An example of that is when she said she can relate to her succulents as an immigrant because she felt as if she stayed still, but was growing her roots. I feel that it is amazing how she used her story of immigrating to the US from Iran and the struggles she had when she arrived like feeling like she can’t relate to anything and being homesick to help her create her plant show. What was so interesting to me was when she said that as her plants were growing stronger, it inspired her to grow stronger and to be patient. Her story and her work is truly inspiring.



Week 11 – Artist – Vanessa Baylock

vanessa b

Vanessa Baylock’s art pieces are primarily of avatars and virtual public art. I don’t particularly enjoy her art pieces as I don’t really view avatars as art. I don’t really have much to say about her as I don’t really enjoy her work…

Here’s a little background on Vanessa Baylock that I found from doing some research that I found to be a little interesting:

Vanessa Baylock is a twin that was born on the night of Daylight Savings time on April 25, 1969. I found out that Vanessa studied at University of California, San Diego from 1987 to 1988 and studied with Allan Kaprow! She received an MFA in New Media Studies.


Week 10 – Artist – Joseph DeLappe

I really enjoyed looking at all the work Joseph DeLappe has done. Off all of the piece he has completed, the ones that stood out to me the most were Liberty Weeps and dead-in-iraq.

dirLiberty Weeps

After doing research and seeing what these two pieces of his meant, it really touched me. I’ve never really had art do that to me. The dead-in-iraq one really stood out to me because I have family that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think it’s interesting that he would say different names of those who died in Iraq while people are playing video games. I think it’s a good way to capture people’s attention because many of us don’t really understand what is going on overseas while we have men and women fighting in war. A lot of us at home rarely think about what they are going through while they are there and many of them become forgotten. Doing this is kind of a wake up call.

Liberty Weeps is definitely one that caught my eye, especially after doing some research to see what it means. I read that it is “a response to the current state of “truth, justice and liberty” in these United States.” This one really did strike a chord in me because of the things that we have been seeing on the news lately like shootings/ mass shootings. As mentioned in my discussion post, it made me think about what is seen so much on the news these days, which are shootings happening almost on a weekly basis. This art piece makes me wonder what our founding fathers would think if they see what is happening in our country these days. I’m pretty sure they would be disappointed.

Week 10 – Activity – Art Care Package


I definitely enjoyed this week’s activity. At first I was worried because I could not think of what I would like to include in the package. It was so fun gathering the things that I wanted to include in the package because I enjoy sending gifts to people! If only I could see the look on that person’s face when they open their package! I got a lot of my contents from work because a majority of what is in the package are different stickers I have collected from what different vendors have either sent to us with samples or with orders we receive. I chose stickers to be the main contents because I personally love stickers!

I believe that sending an art care package to someone is like Snapchat because what you send to someone represents who we are. It is different from sending someone a Snapchat because they get something personal, like a physical keepsake (well it can go both ways because someone can screenshot what you send them on Snapchat). It can be different because it will take long for someone to receive unless you deliver the package to the person yourself. It can be different because you will never know if that person opened the package unless they open it in front of you, unlike in Snapchat where it shows if the other opened what you sent them or not.

I believe that ephemera is something precious because it means something to someone. It is a piece of someone’s life. I believe that ephemera can gain or lose value over time, it just depends on who that item is passed down to. The value can be great if the item is given to someone’s granddaughter especially if they were close. But the item can lose value if a random person found the item, if the feel that the item meant nothing.

There is not a difference between art that can be seen by many like in a museum or gallery and art that can be seen by few because what a person sees as art differs from what another person sees as art. The time and effort difference between sending someone an art care package and Snap does not mean much, especially to me because a lot of the time I send snaps of something to a specific person because I am either thinking about them or saw something that reminds me of them. And to me same goes with the care package, the only difference I see is that in the care package, I am sending them something that mostly reflects who I am. To me, faster is better because what I send can be seen right away, but this could also be because I am an impatient person.

I don’t believe that a meal can be made with love especially if it is made as fast as something you can get at a drive thru at McDonald’s because I feel that making something with love takes some time and effort. I feel that yes, making an art care package has the possibility of containing a sort of “love” that you can’t do with something from Snapchat because with the art care package, you can take the time to pick out stuff that has meaning to you and to pick out stuff to include that you feel may have a significance to the other person or even something that reminds you of the other person.


Week 9 – Activity – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s activity, I chose cuisine. I originally wanted to do Coiffure because I love getting my hair done and thought that this activity would be the perfect excuse to get my hair done, but I didn’t have the funds to do so…

This week’s activity is not on the list of activities that I enjoyed (probably because I wanted to do coiffure rather than cuisine). Anyway, it was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to do with cuisine especially because I didn’t have much time much due to my work and internship schedule. I enjoy cooking, but don’t usually pay much attention to the presentation of it.

For this activity, I got inspiration from a video I saw on youtube on how to make a cucumber flower, however, instead I used cheese to make the flower and an apple to make the leaves because I didn’t have cucumber at home… (I know doesn’t sound like a good mix, but it’s ok because I didn’t eat it.) I failed to take pictures in the process of making the flower because I was focused on making the flower look pretty for the picture I was going to take. I believe I achieved my goal in making my picture of the cheese flower look pretty (thanks to my photography skills and VSCO cam app haha).

The items I needed to make the flower were cheese slice, an apple, tooth picks, a knife and cutting board.

*Forewarning: The directions to make the flower is not worded that well as I an not that good in giving directions.

Steps to make the Cheese and Apple Flower:

  1. Cut the cheese slices in half
  2. Cut the cheese halves into a ‘D’ shape
  3. Align all the cheese slices horizontally in front of you so that the flat side of the cheese is facing towards me and the curved part of the cheese is facing away
  4. Take one end of the cheese line and start rolling it
  5. Next use toothpicks to keep the cheese flower from unrolling
  6. Cut up the apple into four sections.
  7. Take one of the sections so that you can cut it into ‘D’ shapes as well to make the leaf.

Week 8 – Artist – Guy Tang

guy tang

Of the two artists we had, I decided to focus this week’s blog on Guy Tang. I LOOOOVE Guy! I was so excited when I found out that he was one of this week’s artists. I have been following him for some time now on Instagram. I just love what he does with hair. What he does with people’s hair really is a work of art. It’s so crazy and so cool how hair color and hair design can be considered art because I never thought of it like that.

What stood out to me the most with how Guy does hair is that he is able to put dimension on something that could be so dull (hair). The way he adds dimension to the hair he is coloring and styling at times make the hair look fake or cartoon like, but in a good way! He has made some great transformations and has fixed a lot of hair “Uh-Ohs”. The outcome of the hair he does definitely shows how much time and creativity he puts into the work he does for his clients. I once watched a video of Guy doing Michelle Phan’s hair and in the video they explained how long his process was (I believe it was between 5 to 7 hours to do her hair).
guy tang - michelle phan

I was first introduced to Guy’s work on Instagram when I was looking for different hair colors ideas that I wanted since I am the type of person that gets my hair done whenever I feel like I need some change or needs something new (which is often). I talked to one of my friends about him and found out that he is friends with one of Guys friends and that he was able to make an appointment with him (I found out that my friend was on a three month waiting list.) I just recently found out that he isn’t taking anymore appointments at the moment because his waiting list is so long! That goes to show just how well known and how good he is at what he does!