Week 1 – Artist – Allan Kaprow

Allan Kaprow

Allan Kaprow is a widely known artist and can be, if he isn’t already considered the leading pioneer in performance art. He challenged people’s meaning of what art is by his Happenings.

With his Happenings, he was able to involve his viewers. Rather than people walking around an art exhibit, he had people actively participate in the creation of the art pieces. Through the Happenings, he was able to blur the lines between what art and real life was.

To me, this idea of art is really interesting. I have only went to an art exhibit once with a friend of mine because we wanted to experience it. I have to admit, I was so detached from the art because I am the type of person who has to actively engage in something rather than just stare in order to maintain interest. During the Happenings, it must have been an interesting experience for the people who attended as it can help you “connect” to the art piece in some way.

I really like the idea of performance art, even though I have not personally experienced or witnessed it. I vaguely remember an episode from a television show that I used to watch that involved performance art. (It most likely was Bones or White Collar, but it could be a different show that involved police officers responding to an crime scene that involved a performance art piece gone wrong).

Other than that, I have not really even heard of performance art until listening to the artist of the week video and it has definitely expanded my perspective on what art can be. Before this, I knew art to be something that is a drawing, a painting, a photo, a dance, music etc., but now I have gained new knowledge on what art can be by learning about performance art.

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