Week 2 – Activity – Automatic Drawing

This week’s activity was definitely an interesting one. I have to admit that when I read through this week’s description of the activity and watched the videos attached to the activity page, I was very skeptical. Before I started, I kept thinking to myself, how is it even possible for the pen or pencil to even move by itself? I honestly believed that I would be part of that few who would take forever to for it work if it even would work on me at all. To my surprise, the automatic movement of the pencil started about after a minute or so of beginning, so it was not a long wait for me at all.

So let’s get started on the steps I took to complete this week’s activity:

  1. Since I pretty much work all day and didn’t have time to buy a big piece of paper at an art store, I taped up 4 pieces of regular sized paper (I know, it’s pretty ghetto).
  2. I asked a friend of mine to be my drawing partner.
  3. We sat down in the middle of his room facing each other with our knees touching.
  4. We put a long board game box in between us to put the paper on top of. Since we could not find any tape in his house, we folded the edges of the paper under the box to prevent the paper from moving around.
  5. We turned off the lights and both grabbed the pen with both of our hands on top of each other.
  6. We sat and tried to quietly wait for the pen to start moving (I giggled a little bit because I felt silly just sitting there waiting for something to happen).

After step four, the pen started to move about a minute into waiting. As soon as the pen started to move, I asked my friend if he was moving the pen and he said “no” because I could not believe that it was moving by itself. The whole time we were “drawing”, I probably asked my friend “Are you sure you’re not moving it?” about 5-7 times. After I accepted that the pen was actually moving around by itself, I was in shock because the thought of it moving by itself is so cool! At one point into the drawing, I creeped myself out and thought of ouija because I still can’t wrap my head around how the pen could just start moving itself around like that.

It’s funny because we felt as if we were drawing for so long and were moving the pen around so much, but after we turned the light on, we saw how little space our drawing took up. All in all I had a great time with this activity and would definitely do it again for fun.


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