Week 2 – Artist – Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta 2

Ana Mendieta was an exceptional artist, like many, who was gone too soon. I personally believe that if she was still alive, she would have made more art that would greatly impact and influence the world we live in today. After doing further research of on her, I found that she immigrated from Cuba when she was 12 years old because she and her sister were sent away from their father to get away from regime.  She was a body, performance, land and earth artist who used human bodies, mostly hers to create her art. In almost all of her art pieces she used a silhouette of her body. I also noticed that in a lot of her work, she used a lot of blood which I found that in Cuban culture, blood symbolizes life, death and woman.

Her work is something that I have never seen in art and has greatly impacted me because it really made me think of topics that I, like so many, tend to not think like violence, rape and murder. I say that I try to not think of those topics because I feel as if I have been sheltered (which I am kind of  from those issues and am only exposed to it when I see it on the news or read it in articles. Now, I’m not saying I’m naive to those topics, but I do try to not think about those topics because I don’t like to think about all of the negatives in the world

To me, Ana Mendieta’s artwork definitely one of a kind. A lot of her work caught my attention and really made me think about those that have experienced the issues she’s highlighting in her work. What really caught my attention though was the series that she came out with that focused on rape which was in response to one of her classmate’s rape and murder. Although I feel like her work is provocative, I feel that it’s a good way to bring awareness to the topic and issues that many people don’t like to talk about.


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