Week 3 – Activity – Graffiti Writing

I seriously thought this was the most fun activity that we’ve done so far. However, I didn’t realized how hard it would be for me. I thought that spray painting my name would be an easy task, however, I was wrong! I definitely have even more respect and admiration for graffiti artists.

I never knew how difficult it was to spray paint. The things that definitely played a part in how difficult the activity was for me was the size of my canvas. I believe that if I had a little bit more space to paint on, it would have been easier for me to draw out my name (even though my name is only five letters long!) Another thing that played a part is my lack of experience with using spray paint cans. I practiced using it but didn’t realize that I couldn’t use the can that close to the surface of what I was painting on and realized that you couldn’t be too far back either as the paint color would not be as concentrated. Another factor that played into how difficult spray painting was the wind because it kept blowing some of the paint! The last and most obvious factor in me having a harder time with this activity was that I had no experience whatsoever with graffiti art. I had an ex who enjoyed doing graffiti art that definitely made it look easier than it actually was. Although it was difficult, I had a great time!

Week 3 Activity
Got my supplies! A black canvas and 2 different spray paint colors.
I decided to do the inner part of the bubble lettering first. It most definitely looked like a hot mess! LOL
Then I did the outline for the lettering. (Definitely didn’t turn out as planned)

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