Week 4 – Artist – Francesca Woodman

Francesca woodman

Francesca Woodman died at the young age of 22 due to suicide. Throughout her short life she released over 800 pieces of work. Her work was beautiful yet had a depressing and creepy aspect to it. It maybe due to how all her photographs were in black and white and how many of her photos had a ghostly feel to it with how many of it is blurred.

After doing some research on her I found that her photographs were used to explore issues of gender and self, while “looking at the representation of the body in relation to its surroundings.” Its so interesting how she uses herself and is nude in a lot of her work. Looking at her work somewhat reminds me of a previous artist we learned about, Ana Mendieta.

I believe that a lot of her artwork in modern times would be overlooked because of how its blurred and in black and white. Although people use black and white photography with filters while on Social Network sites like Instagram, it’s still not something we see often. Blurred photos these days are either seen as something only from the past and when people take blurred out photos, they tend to delete it.

It really makes me think of what more she could have offered had she not died at such a young age.

“Real things don’t frighten me just the ones in my mind do.” – Francesca Woodman

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