Week 5 – Activity – Instagram

This week’s activity was fun and definitely something I am more used to doing. It was also less time consuming since I have a busy schedule, but I do have to admit I had a hard time posting pictures because I was at work from 8am to 6pm and don’t usually use my phone during that time. I must say I did fail a little bit when it came to posting pictures and my timing… Since my days are always busy, I lose track of what day it is and ended up posting my first picture a day early. I ended up posting 2 on Thursday as I was busy with work and ended up posting my last picture the day after.

This activity made me realize that I just need to take a step back and make some time for myself to just have fun (at least a little) rather than thinking about work, my online classes, homework and internship. After looking at what the class had to post, I got a little bit jealous because it looks like everyone’s having fun and enjoying summer. I didn’t see much connection with what I posted and what others posted. The selfie I took was during my lunch break at work, the second picture I posted was a picture of the sky when I got home from work, the third picture I post was dinner I had with a friend and my sister when we were off work and the last picture is of my desk at work with my must have item at work (coffee).

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