Week 6 – Activity – Landscapes With A Corpse

“There can be beauty even in things not usually considered beautiful.” -Izima Kaoru

This week’s art activity was inspired by Izima Kaoru’s Landscapes With A Corpse. I think it’s interesting how he asked models to imagine their desks and dressed them in couture outfits that they wanted to be wearing in their final moments.

I didn’t really enjoy the activity this week just because death is something I don’t like to think of much, especially my own. I also had a hard time choosing how I wanted to portray death and had a difficult time choosing the different angles.

For the picture, I decided that my death was cause by a mixture of pills and alcohol. This is not necessarily how I picture my own death, but I chose this because I know people and have read about people who choose this option to help them get over the situation that push them to choose to end their lives.

The reason why there is a mirror with the pills and alcohol in the picture is because not many people are happy with or cannot accept who they are. There have been a lot of incidences where people choose to drink to numb the pain and choose to overdose on pills because they feel that it is their only way out, but without the pain. The location of where the picture was taken was in my room away from everyone else because a lot of the time, people who chose to die by overdosing on pills and mixing it with alcohol, want to be alone as they don’t want others to see their pain.

To give the picture a more grisly feeling to it, I decided to alter the pictures after we took it with filters by doing one in black and white while dimming the lighting on the other.

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