Week 7 – Activity – Art Museum Visit

I know I’ve said this for the past few activities, but I really enjoyed this week’s activity. For my Art Museum Visit, I chose to go the the Museum of Latin American Art because it was the most convenient for me due to my schedule. Although I have lived in Long Beach my whole life and have passed the museum a million times (ok, I may be over exaggerating on that one), I still have not gone. Every time I drive past the museum I’ve always wondered what it looked like in the inside.

When I got to the museum’s parking and saw the outside from up close, I did know realize how beautiful it was. Every time I drive past the museum, I’ve never noticed the the sculptures, I’ve only ever noticed the tanish exterior and the gate that surrounds the building. When my sister and I went, we decided to make the most out of the trip because we have never been to an art museum before. We decided to take a bunch of fun pictures to kind of poke fun at how I don’t really understand art much. All in all, I had an amazing experience and plan on going to more art museums!

The two pieces that I will be comparing and contrasting are La Nueva Crucifixion (The New Crucifixion) by Omar d’Leon and the Bano de Pajaros (Bird Bath) by Leonora Carrington. Both pieces of art use a lot of cool tones. The shading technique used in La Nueva Crucifixion is cross hatching while the Bano de Pajaros uses a lot of water coloring that helps the colors blend more. According to the museum’s description for La Nueva Crucifixion, Omar d’Leon “alternates layering of opaque and sheer colors, with hot and cool tones to create great contrast and the illusion of volume and depth.

These pieces of art stood out to me because both of these pieces of artwork depicted religion in its own way. La Nueva Crucifixion is religious even in its name. The very left picture shows people praying. The middle picture shows an angel holding a giant sword while there is a dove at the very top left corner of the picture shining light on a man. The giant sword seems to represent the cross and the man to the left of the sword seems to represent Jesus. There are people that surrounds the sword and man that are crying, mourning. The very third piece of art in the first picture shows people crying over what is happening in the middle picture. The Bano de Parajos depicts the Christian Sacrament of baptism. The white bird in the artwork is symbolic for the dove of the Holy Spirit.

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