Week 7 – Artist – Janet Cardiff

The Artist of the Week was definitely an interesting one. She is best known for her audio walks which has taken place in different areas all over the world such as: London, Florence, Pittsburg, San Francisco, etc. She has done installations with her husband George Bures Miller. According to the research I have done, I found that she and her husband “use the narrative and technical language of film noir to create lush, suspenseful sound and video works.”

I personally think she is one of the most interesting and unique artists that we have had so far mainly because of her audio walks. It’s so interesting to me because I have not thought of audio walks to be art so it’s so new to me after doing some research on her.

The audio walk that stood out the most to me is the one called “Her Long Black Hair” that was done in Central Park from June 16 to September 11, 2015. This audio walk used to retrace the footsteps of a mysterious dark-haired woman. In the audio walk, she used a quasi-narrative style. The Public Art Fund described the art walk to be “a complex investigation of location, time, sound, and physicality, interweaving stream-of-consciousness observations with fact and fiction, local history, opera and gospel music, and other atmospheric and cultural elements.”

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