Week 8 – Activity – Street Photography

Just as I have been saying the past few activities, I really enjoyed this week’s art activity! It may be because I really enjoy photography (although my photography skills are not that great! With photography I really like being able to capture special moments. Street photography to me is so interesting because it’s candid and you get to capture raw energy, so natural and so in that moment. I believe that with street photography (well with any photographs), you can’t really relive that exact moment, but with a picture you get to close to it.

Although, I enjoyed this week’s activity, I had a hard time taking the pictures because of my crazy schedule. I very rarely have to time to go out especially during the day when a lot of people are out. I was also very nervous taking pictures of people. At first I tried asking people if I could take their pictures and they were pretty hesitant, although it did make for good conversation as I talked about this class and the activity. At one point, I decided that I should just take pictures without asking for the sake of completing my assignment.

The two pictures that were taken at night were next to the lighthouse in Long Beach where the Aquarium is at. Those two pictures were takin while people were playing Pokemon Go. It’s so crazy how so many people are playing a game and all gather in one area. It was definitely an interesting night because of how people I met and talked to. The picture to on the right top corner is next to the Cheesecake Factory. I decided to take a picture of that group people they were a family that seemed to be having the best time. They were all talking and laughing so much! I was jealous of that because my family doesn’t hang out like that anymore because we’re just so busy doing our own thing now that me and my sister are older and that my parents are taking care of my foster siblings. The bottom right hand corner just looked like nice shot hahaha. The picture in the bottom left hand corner turned out cool because I made it look abstract by accident. The reason why I kept that picture is because it reminds me how so many people are so occupied with their phone. The lady in that picture was on her phone for a good 10 minutes, she didn’t look up at all that entire time.

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