Week 8 – Artist -Street Photographers

For this week’s Artist of the Week, I chose two of the four that we learned about. The two I chose were Daniel Arnold and Scott Schuman. The reason why I chose these two photographers is because I really like the photographs they’ve taken.

Daniel Arnold’s photographs are primarily of the New York Streets. What I like about his photographs are that they are so candid. I enjoy his photography because he captures images that reminds me of the simple moments, but exciting in life. After doing a little bit of research on him, I saw that most of his photographs are taken with his iPhone, Contax G2 and Yashica T5. I read that he posts his pictures on Instagram and started making a lot of money by selling the pictures (4×6 size) for $150 each.

I like Scott Schuman’s photography because it is mixture of everyday life and fashion. He focuses on fashion as he is out in the streets. His work looks less candid and is something that definitely looks like it belongs in a fashion magazine. He has done some work that has been featured in magazines like GQ and Vogue Paris. He was worked with major fashion labels like DKNY Jeans and has worked with Burberry on “Art on the Trench” project.


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