Week 9 – Activity – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s activity, I chose cuisine. I originally wanted to do Coiffure because I love getting my hair done and thought that this activity would be the perfect excuse to get my hair done, but I didn’t have the funds to do so…

This week’s activity is not on the list of activities that I enjoyed (probably because I wanted to do coiffure rather than cuisine). Anyway, it was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to do with cuisine especially because I didn’t have much time much due to my work and internship schedule. I enjoy cooking, but don’t usually pay much attention to the presentation of it.

For this activity, I got inspiration from a video I saw on youtube on how to make a cucumber flower, however, instead I used cheese to make the flower and an apple to make the leaves because I didn’t have cucumber at home… (I know doesn’t sound like a good mix, but it’s ok because I didn’t eat it.) I failed to take pictures in the process of making the flower because I was focused on making the flower look pretty for the picture I was going to take. I believe I achieved my goal in making my picture of the cheese flower look pretty (thanks to my photography skills and VSCO cam app haha).

The items I needed to make the flower were cheese slice, an apple, tooth picks, a knife and cutting board.

*Forewarning: The directions to make the flower is not worded that well as I an not that good in giving directions.

Steps to make the Cheese and Apple Flower:

  1. Cut the cheese slices in half
  2. Cut the cheese halves into a ‘D’ shape
  3. Align all the cheese slices horizontally in front of you so that the flat side of the cheese is facing towards me and the curved part of the cheese is facing away
  4. Take one end of the cheese line and start rolling it
  5. Next use toothpicks to keep the cheese flower from unrolling
  6. Cut up the apple into four sections.
  7. Take one of the sections so that you can cut it into ‘D’ shapes as well to make the leaf.

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