Week 10 – Activity – Art Care Package


I definitely enjoyed this week’s activity. At first I was worried because I could not think of what I would like to include in the package. It was so fun gathering the things that I wanted to include in the package because I enjoy sending gifts to people! If only I could see the look on that person’s face when they open their package! I got a lot of my contents from work because a majority of what is in the package are different stickers I have collected from what different vendors have either sent to us with samples or with orders we receive. I chose stickers to be the main contents because I personally love stickers!

I believe that sending an art care package to someone is like Snapchat because what you send to someone represents who we are. It is different from sending someone a Snapchat because they get something personal, like a physical keepsake (well it can go both ways because someone can screenshot what you send them on Snapchat). It can be different because it will take long for someone to receive unless you deliver the package to the person yourself. It can be different because you will never know if that person opened the package unless they open it in front of you, unlike in Snapchat where it shows if the other opened what you sent them or not.

I believe that ephemera is something precious because it means something to someone. It is a piece of someone’s life. I believe that ephemera can gain or lose value over time, it just depends on who that item is passed down to. The value can be great if the item is given to someone’s granddaughter especially if they were close. But the item can lose value if a random person found the item, if the feel that the item meant nothing.

There is not a difference between art that can be seen by many like in a museum or gallery and art that can be seen by few because what a person sees as art differs from what another person sees as art. The time and effort difference between sending someone an art care package and Snap does not mean much, especially to me because a lot of the time I send snaps of something to a specific person because I am either thinking about them or saw something that reminds me of them. And to me same goes with the care package, the only difference I see is that in the care package, I am sending them something that mostly reflects who I am. To me, faster is better because what I send can be seen right away, but this could also be because I am an impatient person.

I don’t believe that a meal can be made with love especially if it is made as fast as something you can get at a drive thru at McDonald’s because I feel that making something with love takes some time and effort. I feel that yes, making an art care package has the possibility of containing a sort of “love” that you can’t do with something from Snapchat because with the art care package, you can take the time to pick out stuff that has meaning to you and to pick out stuff to include that you feel may have a significance to the other person or even something that reminds you of the other person.



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