Week 10 – Artist – Joseph DeLappe

I really enjoyed looking at all the work Joseph DeLappe has done. Off all of the piece he has completed, the ones that stood out to me the most were Liberty Weeps and dead-in-iraq.

dirLiberty Weeps

After doing research and seeing what these two pieces of his meant, it really touched me. I’ve never really had art do that to me. The dead-in-iraq one really stood out to me because I have family that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think it’s interesting that he would say different names of those who died in Iraq while people are playing video games. I think it’s a good way to capture people’s attention because many of us don’t really understand what is going on overseas while we have men and women fighting in war. A lot of us at home rarely think about what they are going through while they are there and many of them become forgotten. Doing this is kind of a wake up call.

Liberty Weeps is definitely one that caught my eye, especially after doing some research to see what it means. I read that it is “a response to the current state of “truth, justice and liberty” in these United States.” This one really did strike a chord in me because of the things that we have been seeing on the news lately like shootings/ mass shootings. As mentioned in my discussion post, it made me think about what is seen so much on the news these days, which are shootings happening almost on a weekly basis. This art piece makes me wonder what our founding fathers would think if they see what is happening in our country these days. I’m pretty sure they would be disappointed.


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