Week 12 – Artist – Mahsa Soroudi

“As beautiful as plants are to look at, you never know what is happening underground when they grow roots”

Mahsa Souroudi is an Iranian born artist who had recently moved to the United States about 3 years ago. She explained that she was born into a moderate Muslim family, meaning they do not practice much, however, they aren’t disconnected from their religion either. She explained how she was born after the Islamic Revolution, but that she has a neutral view about it, whereas some people either a negative or positive view about it. Mahsa explained that she left Iran, not to escape, but mainly to explore and because she would not have had as many opportunities available to her if she stayed.

The two projects that Mahsa had were 7500 Miles and her plant show. Of her two projects, I really enjoyed her plant show because of their meaning and just how beautiful they look! It was so interesting how she can relate her life to plants. An example of that is when she said she can relate to her succulents as an immigrant because she felt as if she stayed still, but was growing her roots. I feel that it is amazing how she used her story of immigrating to the US from Iran and the struggles she had when she arrived like feeling like she can’t relate to anything and being homesick to help her create her plant show. What was so interesting to me was when she said that as her plants were growing stronger, it inspired her to grow stronger and to be patient. Her story and her work is truly inspiring.




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