Week 12 – Extra Credit

A. The three activities that enjoyed the most were Instagram, Art Museum Visit and Street Photography. I really enjoyed the Instagram activity because it was really cool to see what everyone in class was doing during the day and cool to see just how everyone spends their day. It felt kind of a like a bonding experienced and felt like we got to know that class a little bit more, especially because we’re an online class and don’t really get a chance to meet and get to know each other much (except for the optional meet ups). The Art Museum Visit was my favorite out of all the activities because it gave me a reason to go out and go to the museum. Going to a museum gave me a chance to really appreciate art pieces in person. Street photography was another one of my favorite activities because I feel that you can capture some raw emotion and something that is so natural while are you are taking the picture. I love photography because you can capture special moments and keep them forever.

B. My least favorite activities were plaster casting, graffiti writing and cuisine, couture and coiffure. The reason why I did not like plaster casting much was because it was so much harder than I thought it would be and very time consuming. Graffiti writing I did not like so much because it was difficult (at least to me) if you don’t have experience working with spray paint. I did not like the cuisine, couture and coiffure because I had a difficult time figuring out what to do. I originally wanted to do my hair, but it would cost too much and didn’t want to do it by myself because I didn’t want to mess up. I feel that doing the coiffure was a bit confusing because I wasn’t sure if I had to make own designs out of clothes or if making a cute outfit would suffice? The cuisine part was what I did and it was alright. At first I was a bit confused because I originally thought all I needed to do was take a picture of food in an artsy way, but realized I had to create food art haha. So that activity was kind of confusing and a little bit difficult for me.

C. I think slack was alright. I feel that I like BeachBoard a little bit more just because I’m already familiar with the format. Slack was cool because it was like instant messaging, but it got a little confusing at times because of all the posts and all the scrolling I needed to do. Overall I think slack worked out just fine. I didn’t like slack on my phone because I couldn’t figure out how to post in the different forums. I was able to find the different posts people made by looking in message archives, but couldn’t post anything there. I just don’t like the format of slack on cell phones.

D. I feel that art talk and artist of the week were useful because I was able to learn so much information and I found that doing a weekly activity was fun considering this is an art class! I, however, feel that doing a discussion and blog post on the artist was just too repetitive for me.

Thank you so much for teaching this class! I really did enjoy it and think you’re a wonderful teacher! Have a great rest of the summer and hope you have a great class next semester!


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