Week 8 – Artist -Street Photographers

For this week’s Artist of the Week, I chose two of the four that we learned about. The two I chose were Daniel Arnold and Scott Schuman. The reason why I chose these two photographers is because I really like the photographs they’ve taken.

Daniel Arnold’s photographs are primarily of the New York Streets. What I like about his photographs are that they are so candid. I enjoy his photography because he captures images that reminds me of the simple moments, but exciting in life. After doing a little bit of research on him, I saw that most of his photographs are taken with his iPhone, Contax G2 and Yashica T5. I read that he posts his pictures on Instagram and started making a lot of money by selling the pictures (4×6 size) for $150 each.

I like Scott Schuman’s photography because it is mixture of everyday life and fashion. He focuses on fashion as he is out in the streets. His work looks less candid and is something that definitely looks like it belongs in a fashion magazine. He has done some work that has been featured in magazines like GQ and Vogue Paris. He was worked with major fashion labels like DKNY Jeans and has worked with Burberry on “Art on the Trench” project.


Week 8 – Activity – Street Photography

Just as I have been saying the past few activities, I really enjoyed this week’s art activity! It may be because I really enjoy photography (although my photography skills are not that great! With photography I really like being able to capture special moments. Street photography to me is so interesting because it’s candid and you get to capture raw energy, so natural and so in that moment. I believe that with street photography (well with any photographs), you can’t really relive that exact moment, but with a picture you get to close to it.

Although, I enjoyed this week’s activity, I had a hard time taking the pictures because of my crazy schedule. I very rarely have to time to go out especially during the day when a lot of people are out. I was also very nervous taking pictures of people. At first I tried asking people if I could take their pictures and they were pretty hesitant, although it did make for good conversation as I talked about this class and the activity. At one point, I decided that I should just take pictures without asking for the sake of completing my assignment.

The two pictures that were taken at night were next to the lighthouse in Long Beach where the Aquarium is at. Those two pictures were takin while people were playing Pokemon Go. It’s so crazy how so many people are playing a game and all gather in one area. It was definitely an interesting night because of how people I met and talked to. The picture to on the right top corner is next to the Cheesecake Factory. I decided to take a picture of that group people they were a family that seemed to be having the best time. They were all talking and laughing so much! I was jealous of that because my family doesn’t hang out like that anymore because we’re just so busy doing our own thing now that me and my sister are older and that my parents are taking care of my foster siblings. The bottom right hand corner just looked like nice shot hahaha. The picture in the bottom left hand corner turned out cool because I made it look abstract by accident. The reason why I kept that picture is because it reminds me how so many people are so occupied with their phone. The lady in that picture was on her phone for a good 10 minutes, she didn’t look up at all that entire time.

Week 7 – Activity – Art Museum Visit

I know I’ve said this for the past few activities, but I really enjoyed this week’s activity. For my Art Museum Visit, I chose to go the the Museum of Latin American Art because it was the most convenient for me due to my schedule. Although I have lived in Long Beach my whole life and have passed the museum a million times (ok, I may be over exaggerating on that one), I still have not gone. Every time I drive past the museum I’ve always wondered what it looked like in the inside.

When I got to the museum’s parking and saw the outside from up close, I did know realize how beautiful it was. Every time I drive past the museum, I’ve never noticed the the sculptures, I’ve only ever noticed the tanish exterior and the gate that surrounds the building. When my sister and I went, we decided to make the most out of the trip because we have never been to an art museum before. We decided to take a bunch of fun pictures to kind of poke fun at how I don’t really understand art much. All in all, I had an amazing experience and plan on going to more art museums!

The two pieces that I will be comparing and contrasting are La Nueva Crucifixion (The New Crucifixion) by Omar d’Leon and the Bano de Pajaros (Bird Bath) by Leonora Carrington. Both pieces of art use a lot of cool tones. The shading technique used in La Nueva Crucifixion is cross hatching while the Bano de Pajaros uses a lot of water coloring that helps the colors blend more. According to the museum’s description for La Nueva Crucifixion, Omar d’Leon “alternates layering of opaque and sheer colors, with hot and cool tones to create great contrast and the illusion of volume and depth.

These pieces of art stood out to me because both of these pieces of artwork depicted religion in its own way. La Nueva Crucifixion is religious even in its name. The very left picture shows people praying. The middle picture shows an angel holding a giant sword while there is a dove at the very top left corner of the picture shining light on a man. The giant sword seems to represent the cross and the man to the left of the sword seems to represent Jesus. There are people that surrounds the sword and man that are crying, mourning. The very third piece of art in the first picture shows people crying over what is happening in the middle picture. The Bano de Parajos depicts the Christian Sacrament of baptism. The white bird in the artwork is symbolic for the dove of the Holy Spirit.

Week 7 – Artist – Janet Cardiff

The Artist of the Week was definitely an interesting one. She is best known for her audio walks which has taken place in different areas all over the world such as: London, Florence, Pittsburg, San Francisco, etc. She has done installations with her husband George Bures Miller. According to the research I have done, I found that she and her husband “use the narrative and technical language of film noir to create lush, suspenseful sound and video works.”

I personally think she is one of the most interesting and unique artists that we have had so far mainly because of her audio walks. It’s so interesting to me because I have not thought of audio walks to be art so it’s so new to me after doing some research on her.

The audio walk that stood out the most to me is the one called “Her Long Black Hair” that was done in Central Park from June 16 to September 11, 2015. This audio walk used to retrace the footsteps of a mysterious dark-haired woman. In the audio walk, she used a quasi-narrative style. The Public Art Fund described the art walk to be “a complex investigation of location, time, sound, and physicality, interweaving stream-of-consciousness observations with fact and fiction, local history, opera and gospel music, and other atmospheric and cultural elements.”

Week 6 – Activity – Landscapes With A Corpse

“There can be beauty even in things not usually considered beautiful.” -Izima Kaoru

This week’s art activity was inspired by Izima Kaoru’s Landscapes With A Corpse. I think it’s interesting how he asked models to imagine their desks and dressed them in couture outfits that they wanted to be wearing in their final moments.

I didn’t really enjoy the activity this week just because death is something I don’t like to think of much, especially my own. I also had a hard time choosing how I wanted to portray death and had a difficult time choosing the different angles.

For the picture, I decided that my death was cause by a mixture of pills and alcohol. This is not necessarily how I picture my own death, but I chose this because I know people and have read about people who choose this option to help them get over the situation that push them to choose to end their lives.

The reason why there is a mirror with the pills and alcohol in the picture is because not many people are happy with or cannot accept who they are. There have been a lot of incidences where people choose to drink to numb the pain and choose to overdose on pills because they feel that it is their only way out, but without the pain. The location of where the picture was taken was in my room away from everyone else because a lot of the time, people who chose to die by overdosing on pills and mixing it with alcohol, want to be alone as they don’t want others to see their pain.

To give the picture a more grisly feeling to it, I decided to alter the pictures after we took it with filters by doing one in black and white while dimming the lighting on the other.

Week 6 – Artist – Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Chanel.jpg

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” -Andy Warhol
He was born Andrew Warhola, however, after he graduated college and moved to New York to pursue a career as a commercial artist, he dropped the “a” from his last name and became Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol is largely known for his pop art of images of Marilyn Monroe and soup cans. After doing some background research on him and pop art, I found that “Pop art marked an important new stage in the breakdown between high and low art forms.” Andy Warhol using pop art played an important role in bringing the use of pop art into popular culture. He was shot in 1968, by Valerie Solanas (an aspiring writer and radical feminist who was upset at Warhol because he refused to use a script she wrote), which almost ended his thriving career.

When I first saw that Andy Warhol was our Artist of the week, I knew I have heard his name somewhere and after looking up some of his artwork I realized that I learned about him last year in my Sociology of Popular Culture class. I never knew how big of an artist he was after doing research on him and never knew that I have seen his artwork all around. I once used his picture of the Chanel perfume bottle as a phone background and didn’t even realized it was him that created it. It’s crazy to think how famous pieces of artwork can be seen almost everywhere, but we don’t even realize it. 

Week 5 – Activity – Instagram

This week’s activity was fun and definitely something I am more used to doing. It was also less time consuming since I have a busy schedule, but I do have to admit I had a hard time posting pictures because I was at work from 8am to 6pm and don’t usually use my phone during that time. I must say I did fail a little bit when it came to posting pictures and my timing… Since my days are always busy, I lose track of what day it is and ended up posting my first picture a day early. I ended up posting 2 on Thursday as I was busy with work and ended up posting my last picture the day after.

This activity made me realize that I just need to take a step back and make some time for myself to just have fun (at least a little) rather than thinking about work, my online classes, homework and internship. After looking at what the class had to post, I got a little bit jealous because it looks like everyone’s having fun and enjoying summer. I didn’t see much connection with what I posted and what others posted. The selfie I took was during my lunch break at work, the second picture I posted was a picture of the sky when I got home from work, the third picture I post was dinner I had with a friend and my sister when we were off work and the last picture is of my desk at work with my must have item at work (coffee).